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Audio Description Narration: An Introduction

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How do blind and low vision audiences watch TV shows and movies? Through a narrator describing the visuals. How do you find the emotional nuance so the audience immerses themselves in the story? Hear from voice actor and narrator Roy Samuelson who will point out the traps to avoid, what tricks to apply, and more. 
Did you know that as of early April, Audio Description added over 4000 features and TV series with audio description? "Learn about how your voiceover skills and craft can contribute to this narration field. 
We'll have a special guest expert who will contribute to more valuable information for this unique accessibility of film and television (and ... even video games).

Roy Samuelson


Roy Samuelson can be heard for national network commercials like Intel, Toyota, and on the current season of Westworld as Dolores’ virtual assistant. In the world of Audio Description, he narrates NCIS, Star Trek: Picard, Sony’s Bloodshot, Universal’s 1917, and Spider-Man: Far From Home among 500+ other blockbusters and series titles. He brings his decades of experience, training, and resources to the game, and how each person can bring their own best game. He is passionate about sharing the quality and excellence of voice over.

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